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Wed Sep 1 08:31:34 CDT 2010

Author: jls17
Date: Wed Sep  1 08:31:33 2010
New Revision: 144
URL: http://arinside.org/changeset/144

updated release notes


Modified: trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt
--- trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt	Tue Aug 31 13:29:19 2010	(r143)
+++ trunk/RELEASE_NOTES.txt	Wed Sep  1 08:31:33 2010	(r144)
@@ -4,6 +4,26 @@
 E - Enhancement
 D - Defect fixed
+E - All command line options except ini (-i) are now optional (all settings are configurable within the ini file)
+E - New command line option "-o" to specify the output directory
+E - All objects are now loaded with the ARGetMultiple-functions to improve performance
+E - Internal object and memory usage optimized
+E - You can now blacklist images
+E - Now the filename/URL of the pages is generated by the object name instead of a consecutive number
+    (you can use the OldNaming setting to enabled the old file naming) 
+E - Added linux & SunOS platform support
+E - Program stops if TargetFolder points to the root directory [#64]
+D - No attachment fields were listed for attachment pool [#82]
+D - Server informations were displayed incorrectly (wrong value for wrong server info)
+D - Rare crash while decoding qualifier fixed [#78]
+D - fixed: Loading of groups using server version 6.3
+D - fixed: crashing during "Checking filter references" using server version 6.3
+D - fixed: crash while documenting schema details using server version 6.3 (was caused by audit documentation)
+D - fixed: objects with leading space(s) weren't listed currectly (crashed in some cases)
 N - This is the first OpenSource release of ARInside

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