Popup Window Type

Luthgers, John jls17 at gmx.net
Mon May 2 11:04:14 CDT 2011

Yesterday I just added support for the popup type. "Modify Directly" and 
"Display Directly" were introduced with version 7.6.03 and are already 
supported by ARInside 3.0.2 ... I've to look at the whole open window stuff 
again .. looks like some options aren't documented at all .. but if you can 
post a list with options you are missing, that would help too.


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> Did you add support for the other types as well, or just the popup?, and 
> how
> about the other options associated with submit and such?
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> LJ, thanks for the info. This was one of the new 7.6.04 features which are
> still missing in ARInside 3.0.2. With revision 210 support for this kind 
> of
> open window action was added and will be part of the next release.
> John
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> Subject: Popup Window Type
>> John,
>> I was going to submit a ticket on this, but the site appears to be down 
>> at
>> the moment.
>> Just playing with new features of 7.6.4 and changed some of my Open 
>> Window
>> types from Dialog to 'Popup', and then noticed that ARInside documents
>> them
>> as 'Unknown'.

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