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Fri Mar 19 11:11:32 CDT 2010

:)....for the record, John Luthgers is the primary coder on the project...I
do this and that here and there...but he's the one that knows what he's
doing! :)


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Hello Everyone,


I'm new to this list, so forgive me if you get tired of reading emails like
this, but I just have to say how GREAT it is to have ARInside back with us.
It feels like a reunion with a long-lost friend.


I just got it working this morning, and no sooner was it up and running than
a nasty problem popped up that yesterday would have taken hours to solve,
but thanks to ARInside I was able to track it down and fix it right away.


Thank You LJ and anyone else who helped,


Dwayne Martin

James Madison University



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