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siskbruce at peoplepc.com siskbruce at peoplepc.com
Thu Nov 19 08:27:54 CST 2009

In reviewing the documentation that was created, looks like the error in the console about field references is serious.

Please review the attached html page from the docs.  They are in a zip file.

Notice the value fields are all red and unclickable.


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>>I am afraid I have yet to successfully run any of the 3.0 builds.
>>ARS 7.1 patch 7
>>ITSM 7.0.3 patch 8
>>Kinetic SR 4.4
>>Several Custom Apps
>>Apps - Windows 2003 Server
>>Mid-tier - Windows 2003 Server | IIS 6 | Apache tomcat
>>Oracle DB 10g RAC (2 node)
>>I run the tool from my desktop against the remote app server.  I do NOT run it on the server itself.
>>Attached is the output of the console screen i get, beneath that at the bottom is one of hundreds of repeating lines in the console.
>>I can and still do run the 2-07-2 version against the above.
>>Bruce Sisk
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>>>Subject: ADV: ARInside 3.0 RC1
>>>I'm pleased to announce that the ARInside team has successfully completed
>>>the milestones set forth for 3.0.  This milestone simply wanted ARInside to
>>>support all of the updates to Remedy since its last release.  2.07.02
>>>addressed version 7.0.1, 3.0 will support up to 7.5.  I beg you, please go
>>>out and check out the new features and report any bugs you find, if we don't
>>>get any bug reports against RC1 it will become the 3.0 release.  Thank for
>>>your time on testing this latest beta cycle.
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