ADV: ARInside 3.0 RC1

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Tue Nov 17 16:38:06 CST 2009

Bruce & All,
John was able to make quite a few changes that resolved some issues with at
least one user.  RC2 is now available, please go download. 

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>I am afraid I have yet to successfully run any of the 3.0 builds.
>ARS 7.1 patch 7
>ITSM 7.0.3 patch 8
>Kinetic SR 4.4
>Several Custom Apps
>Apps - Windows 2003 Server
>Mid-tier - Windows 2003 Server | IIS 6 | Apache tomcat Oracle DB 10g 
>RAC (2 node)
>I run the tool from my desktop against the remote app server.  I do NOT run
it on the server itself.
>Attached is the output of the console screen i get, beneath that at the
bottom is one of hundreds of repeating lines in the console.
>I can and still do run the 2-07-2 version against the above.
>Bruce Sisk
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>>I'm pleased to announce that the ARInside team has successfully 
>>completed the milestones set forth for 3.0.  This milestone simply 
>>wanted ARInside to support all of the updates to Remedy since its last 
>>release.  2.07.02 addressed version 7.0.1, 3.0 will support up to 7.5.  
>>I beg you, please go out and check out the new features and report any 
>>bugs you find, if we don't get any bug reports against RC1 it will 
>>become the 3.0 release.  Thank for your time on testing this latest beta
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