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#126: Overlay Differences
  Reporter:  ljlongwing   |      Owner:
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   Version:  3.0          |   Keywords:
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 As of 7.6.04 there are overlays, and the ability to create 'Custom'
 objects.  Within the lists provided by Remedy Dev Studio, you can see if
 an object is 'Base - Unmodified', 'Base - Overlaid' or 'Custom' for any
 object type.

 I would like to see ARInside provide that information as well, and in
 addition, if the object is a 'Base - Overlaid', provide information that
 compares the base object with the overlay object (if different), otherwise
 just show the base values

 Thus enabling the ability to see easily what has changed in an object
 since base was applied.

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