[ARInside] #72: Push Fields -> "Push Fields If" condition being parsed wrong

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Tue Nov 17 06:13:15 CST 2009

#72: Push Fields -> "Push Fields If" condition being parsed wrong
 Reporter:  aravind  |       Type:  defect  
   Status:  new      |   Priority:  major   
Milestone:           |    Version:  3.0 Beta
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 Version = ARInside v3.0 Beta Build 89 (RC1

 If I have an Active Link on Form A with a "Push Field" action in "IF
 action" and assume that I am pushing to same form Form A, this is how the
 Condition is shown in Admin Tool =

 ( 'Unique Key' = $Unique Key$) AND ( 'User\Group' = $zCurrent Team Name$)
 AND ( 'Type' =  "Installer Group" )

 However, ARInside documents is like so..

 'Unique Key' = 'Unique Key' AND 'User\Group' = 'zCurrent Team Name' AND
 'Type' = "Installer Group"

 It looks like ARInside cant make out the difference between $Fieldname$
 and 'Fieldname' if the push fields is on the same form as Primary form
 mentioned in Basic tab.

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